Lemon peels: how to make a lemon brandy

Lemon brandy is a fabulous way to use up the lemon peels after making lemonade. It is a tasty drink and can also be used for a variety of baked goods and cooking flavoring purposes. It also makes a great gift. This version is an original 1880s recipe.



Lemon peels (save them after making lemonade), unsprayed and clean

Brandy, good quality


Cut the lemon peel into small pieces. Only use the thin yellow outer peel; the thick part is bitter and should not be used.

Pour the brandy into a suitable bottle or leave it in its original bottle.

Add the lemon pieces to the brandy.

Allow to stand for 3 – 4 weeks to steep.

Use as wished.

Font: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Lemon-Brandy


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